A Few Projects to Increase Your House’s Value this Year

As you roll into the new year, you may be thinking about your house’s overall value. Is it sitting around what it was when you bought it? Has it depreciated for some reason? How can you increase its overall value?

Well, updating older parts of the house always helps. Sure, you’ll have to pour in some time and money to get these rooms or parts of your house updated, but it’ll sincerely help build your house’s value, meaning your assets just skyrocketed.

Look no further than these projects to get your house back on track and on the rise.

Replace your carpet with hardwood flooring.

This is admittedly a project that will take time and some money, but with the help of a few family members or friends you’ll be on your way to a beautiful new floor.

The thing is, carpet is just so out of date and “cheap” that you simply don’t see it anymore. Anywhere. Rugs over hardwood flooring look much nicer and are so much easier to clean and match to the room you want to put it in. And the thing is, nothing says class and style like beautiful hardwood floors. It may take you a week to do a bigger room or even a few weeks to do one entire level of your house, but it’s absolutely worth the time and money.

Paint over old, drab walls.

A paint job can completely flip the atmosphere of a room. First things first, you need to get rid of any and all wallpaper you may have in your house. Yes, that includes the 10- to 12-inch paper that may line the upper border of your walls that meet the ceiling, too. No matter if you choose a muted, earthy color or something a bit more bold, make certain to match the room to the walls with appropriate decor and furniture.

Build brick pillars around your porch supports.

I learned this from my dad and didn’t even know it was a possibility. A lot of houses with front overhanging porches are supported by 4x4s. While this does the job just fine in keeping the overhanging roof stable, the pillars are rather thin looking in comparison to the house. If you’re looking to give the front of your house a new and overhauled look, think about building thicker pillars made of brick around your existing pillars. I wouldn’t suggest going all the way up to your roof. Rather, layer the brick up the existing 4×4 about 4 feet from the ground. It’ll completely transform your house’s face.



Wholesaling The First Property

Real estate wholesaling occurs when the seller contracts with a home seller then markets the home to potential buyers and then assigns the contract to the selected party. The wholesaler makes profit, which is the difference between contracted price with the seller and the amount paid by the buyer. The aim in real estate wholesaling is to sell the home before the contract with the original home owner closes. Wholesaling the first property can be can be challenging as the seller is new to the task. Someone who is going to sale the property really needs some guide to go through the process successful without facing any loss.

Define the purpose

Before entering the process, one should be clear about the goals behind the deal. The goal cannot be making money because that is an obvious thing. The point under consideration should be where do you want to use the money gaining from the sale. Determining the reason can be energy draining but it should not take a long time. If we dig deeper, we eventually come up with something.

Form a team

Wholesaling a real estate is not the task of an individual. A team of people with different expertise is required to achieve the aim successfully. When wholesaling a property, the seller needs to talk to other investors in the circle. It is imperative for the seller to make as much contacts as possible to make successful deals. Real estate is all about contacts. The more the better. Having influential people in the circle means a lot in the real estate business. Seeing such people in the circle, more parties become interested. A larger circle ensures chances of better deals. Stronger contacts can lead to a very strong position in the real estate sector.

Learn as much as you can

Once there are enough people in the team, learn as much as you can. One should not be afraid to ask apparently dumb or stupid questions. After forming a team, the next task is to find potential buyers. A lot of people should be accessed to make an offer to. When the buyer calls, ask them about their requirements and expectations. The buyers should be asked if they will be moving immediately or with delay. If fear starts to take over, just relax and keep moving. Fear and anxiety can be common emotions in this phase. Learning should never stop. Even if a project does not do very well it should not be taken as a failure rather it should be considered as the gained experience that will help a lot in the future.

Nothing comes for free

Education is not free. In real estate learning is through making contacts and does not happen for free. Building a circle of influence is going to cost something. The whole process can cost time, effort and quite frequently money as well. Take people to lunch and ask them things you want to know. The wholesaler might have to arrange parties to get people of interest on the same table. If the wholesaler wants to show off the strong circle, the same technique should be used. To be a successful investor, one should know how to invest in himself. The beginning is the hardest, but it surely brings good times as well.


Wholesaling a rental property should not be considered an ordinary task. The wholesaler needs a purpose beyond gaining profit. Educating yourself and learning should be considered equally important. Having a right mindset regardless of the booming emotions is very important. All the theories should be put into practice.